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We use genome sequencing technology, computational power & data science tools to create sustainable solutions to agriculture.


Exploring the Seed Microbiome

The plethora of bacteria and fungi living IN, ON, and AROUND seeds, what is the so-called seed microbiome, can deeply influence crop performance. Our startup company is mapping out the microbiomes of commercial and wild seeds to better understand and harness their impacts over plant ecology, health, and productivity. Come explore with us!

How it Works?

Opening the Seed Microbiome Black Box


Exploration is the first step towards the unknown, which can lead to great, sometimes unexpected, findings. With a complete map of the microbiome of your sample in hands, our proprietary A.I. based platform will help you to find new biological solutions to maximize crop resilience to abiotic and biotic stresses, impacting plant health and productivity. Want to sample our technology TODAY?

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